1982 Dixon

Since 1974, Dixon has been known for its fine line of zero turning radius lawn mowers.

In 1978, a relative of ours in the Midwest bought this neat little blue mower that turned on a dime. He told us it was the best way to mow grass.

So we looked at the line and told him they looked too much like golf carts and not mowers. However, in 1980, we took on the line and were also awarded the distribution of the line to the mid-Atlantic states. Due to their easy-to-use, time saving qualities, Dixon soon became the bench mark of the 50" and under zero radius turning mower class.

2002 Dixon

Dixon is credited with a number of firsts. They own the ZTR trademark, "midmount" zero turn design, 30" model (still one of the few to have a unit this small), deck-mounted and driven vacuum blower and the list could go on.

SilverTip ZTR 60
SilverTip ZTR 72

Today, Dixon offers one of the broadest lines of zero turning mowers that are available. The Martin family can boast of selling more Dixons from our outlet than any other dealer in the mid-Atlantic. Our product knowledge, our service, support, and our parts inventory give you a good reason to become a happy Dixon owner.

Grizzly ZTR 50
Grizzly ZTR 60

Kodiak ZTR

Ram 44 Mag ZTR
Ram 50 Mag ZTR

WalkAbout 36
WalkAbout 48