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The G52 is a small walking tractor able to accept a range of attachments. · 50cm tilling width · All gear drive · Adjustable handles with anti vibration · 1 forward & 1 reverse gear


Technical data sheet G 52


Honda GX390 OHV
Start recoil starter
Supply fuel
Displacement 389 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 11.7 HP (8.7 kW)
Air cooled
Oil bath air filter


Lombardini 15LD440
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply diesel
Displacement 441 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 11 HP (8.1 kW)
Air cooled
Oil bath air filter

Fuel tank capacity

6,1 Lt. (GX390) – 5,0 Lt. (15LD440)


Gear type in oil bath.


With inverter. Walking tractor version: 3 forward gears + 3 reverse gears. Sickle bar version: 3 forward gears + 3 reverse gears.

Reverse gear unit

Rapid through lever.


Conic and active.

Standard rotary tiller

Adjustable, with tines x4. Working width: 68 cm.

Hoes system diametre

315 mm

Working width

Adjustable 37, 47, 58, 68 cm.

Working depth

16 cm

Item no. standard rotary tiller



965 revolutions independent from gearbox (walking tractor version: clockwise rotation / sickle bar version: anticlockwise rotation).

Differential locking

With lock device through lever.

Available tyres

4.00-10, 5.00-10 (5.00-12 for furrower and ploughing only), wide steel wheels 40×10 cm, Turf wheels 20×10.00-8 (item 937112 needed)


With 5.00-10 wheels: 1st gear 1,3 km/h, 2nd gear 2,4 km/h, 3rd gear 5,0 km/h. I° Reverse gear 0,7 km/h, II° Reverse gear 1,5 km/h, III° Reverse gear 3,2 km/h.

Service brake

Drum brake, as a standard feature.


With height and side adjustment and reversible.

Safety devices

Active clutch, reverse speed – PTO cut out, automatic decelerator in reverse speed.


128 kg (GX390) – 154 kg (15LD440).
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