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G 131

The G 131 is suitable for horticulture and gardening, orchards and vegetable gardens and large areas. It is a perfectly well-balanced machine, equipped with a six-speed gearbox in oil-bath with four forward and two reverse gears and a differential lock. Due to several devices it is equipped with, this walking tractor allows maximum safety to the user. Thanks to the 180° reversible handlebar a great deal of front or rear attachments can be used with this walking tractor such as rotary tillers, cutter bars, rotary cutters and all purpose flails, snow throwers and many others. The attachments are connected via a solid flanged coupling. A plough kit for this model is available containing larger wheels, adjustable extensions, 180° turn-wrest plough and weights. To make transportation of this model easier when the engine is not running, it is possible to disengage the wheel axle. A greater stability on slopes can be achieved by widening the wheel track up to 25 cm max. using the appropriate fixed or adjustable Grillo wheel extensions.

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Technical data sheet G 131


Lombardini 3LD510
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply diesel
Displacement 510 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 12.2 HP (9 kW)
Air cooled
Oil bath air filter

Fuel tank capacity

5,3 L eng. 3 LD 510


with oil bath gears


With clutch engagement. The walking tractor version has 4 forward gears + 2 reverse gears. The sickle bar version has 2 forward gears + 2 reverse gears


single dry disc with manual control

Standard rotary tiller

Adjustable rotary tiller with x 4 tines. Working width 700 mm

Hoes system diametre

360 mm

Working width

Adjustable at 550 and 700 mm (850 mm with extension kit cod. 930312)

Working depth

18 cm


a higher one (upon request) synchronised with the gearbox; one lower at 1028 rpm in clockwise rotation with engine at 3000 rpm

Differential Locking

Differential with locking device by lever on the handlebar

Available tyres

Tractor 5.00-12 wheels (adjustable disks) and 6.5/80-12 wheels (adjustable disks). Wide steel wheels having diametre 46 x 12 cm


In the walking tractor version with 5.00-12 wheels 1st gear 1,2 km/h, 2nd gear 2,4 km/h, 3rd gear 3,4 km/h, 4th gear 7,1 km/h, 1st reverse gear 1,7 km/h, 2nd reverse gear 3,5 km/h. In the sickle bar version with 5.00-12 wheels 1st gear 1,7 km/h, 2nd gear 3,5 km/h , 1st reverse gear 1,2 km/h, 2nd reverse gear 2,4 km/h

Service brake

Brake drum (kit upon request cod. 978611)Brake drum (kit upon request cod. 978611)


height and side adjustment, reversible

External sizes of the wheels

550, 600, 700 or 750 mm with 5.00-12 wheels


208 kg

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